Annika Rockwell, RD, LN

Hi, I'm "NEEKa". I’m a Licensed Nutritionist and Dietitian with over twenty-six years of experience in the field of integrative nutrition, functional medicine, and Medical Nutrition Therapy. I create transformational programs for my client’s unique health challenges using evidence based therapies, functional lab testing, and top quality nutritional supplements. 

 In addition to my eight years of formal studies and internships, my recent continuing education includes a certification in Menopause Hormone Literacy via QSI, and coursework on advanced lab testing via The Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine. 

My passion for nutrition stems from decades of chronic health struggles which prevented me from living the life I wanted. I was plagued with multiple health conditions including autoimmune thyroid disease, chronic fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, depression, bronchial and sinus infections, debilitating menstrual symptoms, PCOS, hypoglycemia, kidney stones, chronic headaches, heavy metal toxicity, and was ultimately told my conditions were incurable and I would never be able to conceive a child. 

What I discovered instead is that I just needed a different approach to healing… Food-as-medicine!   My studies in nutrition and functional medicine helped me address the root causes of my symptoms one by one, and I became a new version of myself, free of debilitating disease, capable of conceiving, and able to live life to the fullest.

I customize lifestyle medicine programs for each of my clients in order to address the unique root cause of weight gain, fatigue, thyroid health, digestive health, sleep issues, and peri-menopause symptoms. I completed my dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston and got my undergraduate degree (B.A.) from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and then completed a Bachelors in Science (Dietetics & Nutrition) from Keiser University where I graduated valedictorian.  



Functional Nutritionist

Noemie is a nutrition therapist with a Master of Science in Human Nutrition from Columbia University and Bachelor of Science from McGill University. She is passionate about helping her clients achieve their nutrition, health, and wellness goals by incorporating a personalized and holistic approach. 

Noemie possesses an understanding of the relationship between nutrition and chronic disease, nutrition and mental health, and the link between gut health and overall wellbeing. She believes in encouraging positive change, goal setting, and patient-first therapy and roots her practice in evidence-based nutrition science whilst emphasizing a holistic and whole-body approach to health and longevity. 

Noemie completed a comprehensive nutrition lab test analysis training program through the Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine. This rigorous course has allowed her valuable skills in creating customized nutrition and supplement programs based on the advanced interpretation of lab tests including plasma amino acids and urinary organic acids to address metabolic dysfunction via functional nutrition therapy techniques. 

 She remains dedicated to helping wherever possible via individualized nutrition counseling, whether that be to address specific concerns or to simply promote overall health. 


Board Certified Nutrition Specialist

For 30 years, Dr. Jonny has been writing books, featured on radio shows, and speaking at conferences as an expert on the topic of nutrition, weight loss, and wellness.  Jonny is the scientific advisor for Rockwell Health LLC, and the best-selling author of 15 books including "The Great Cholesterol Myth", "The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth", "Living Low Carb", "The Most Effective Ways To Live Longer", and the blockbuster weight-loss program, "The Metabolic Factor".  

 A board-certified nutrition PhD with a masters in psychology and 6 personal training certificates, Jonny's no-nonsense, myth-busting approach has made him a popular guest on television including “Dr. Oz”, “the Doctors”, ABC-TV, MSNBC-TV, CNN, CBS-TV, CBN, Fox News, NBC-TV and on morning shows across the country. 

 A prolific writer, Dr. Jonny has written for The New York Times, Forbes, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, Vanity Fair Online, Men’s Heath, Prevention, and dozens of other print and online publications. He recently appeared in the documentary, “The Big Fat Lie,” narrated by Dr. Mark Hyman, about the origins of the dietary guidelines in America. 

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